SWAN KAKIGORI Japanese Snow Cone Hawaiian Maker Vintage Machine SI-2C

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Black Swan Manual Ice Shaver 


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-Fluffy shaved ice melts in your mouth promptly and absorbs the good taste of syrup.  

-Japanese vintage design machine popular between Japanese cafes during summer

-Recommendable for home snow cone party

-Manufactured by Japanese top ice shaver manufacturer with 80 years experience


 -Ice shaver

-ice making cup 5 pc.

-Plate for receiving water: 1 pc.

-English instruction manual 



Dimensions : 22 cm × 20.2 cm × 3.95 cm

Weight : 8.5 kg

Materials : Cast iron (body), Aluminum: (shaving blade) 

Country of origin : Japan


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It is highly replacement to purchase blade(s) together with the swan machine because the shaving quality of the blade can loose every time you prepare 500 cups of shaved ice. 

FM-5S Replacement Blade for Swan Ice Shaver for SI-2C SI-5A BLACK SWAN conee




-Please watch carefully when children use the machine so that they do not get injured by touching the part like blade or ice stopper 

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