KUMANO Brush Makeup Powder Cheek Eye Shadow made in Japan Craft

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KUMANO FUDE Makeup Brushes

- Makeup brushes produced by craftspeople certified by Japan Government

- Pleasant feel onto your face when using the brushes 

- Carefully selected animal hairs for brushes in accordance with uses

- Favored by many Hollywood Actors & Makeup Artists



(1) Powder Brush (goat hair)

(2) Cheek Brush (goat hair)

(3) Eye Shadow Brush (pony's hair) 



Tip : Aluminum

Grip : Wood

How to Clean Brushes

- Softly remove stains from the brushes with tissue paper etc.


When Washing

- Soak the brushed in water.

- Stroke softly the brushes on the surface of a bar soap.

- Remove stains from the brushes grabbing them softly.

- Verify if stains do not remains inside of the brushes.

- After washing the brushes with water, dry these with towel. Then adjust the shape of brushes, and dry these out of direct sunlight.





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