Fūrin Japanese Wind Chime Protective Charm Nanbu Tekki Cast Iron Made Japanese Garden

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Cool & Relaxing Sound

During summer in Japan, Fūrin wind chimes are hung on the places where the wind  blows gently and the sound of the chime reminds us of refreshing scenes. At the same time, Fūrin sound has a special frequency called "pink noise" and it makes you feel relaxed. Please feel pleasant cooling sensation which Furin provides.

Protective Charm

It is said wind-bells came Japan from China together with Buddhism as a religious instrument to avoid epidemics and to ward off evil in 500th.  So, recently Fūrin is drawing attention as a illness prevention charm in the pandemic era. 


Nanbu ironware

As much as Tetsubin Japanese Cast iron tea kettle or pot, wind chime is counted as one of the most popular cast-iron made traditional crafts and it is getting greater the demand from other countries too as a home & garden decor item.




 dia. 10.5×H14.5cm 




cast iron 

Production Area

Iwate, Japan

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