Washi Kokeshi Doll decorated with Japanese Traditional Paper Mino-Washi

The word Kokeshi consists in three words; Ko = wood, Ke = carving & Shi = child,
means a Wood Carving Child Doll.
Kokeshi dolls are generally made by carving and painting wood.

Unlike other conventional Kokeshi, this Samurai Kokeshi Doll is composed of wooden body part and Kimono (Japanese traditional Clothes) part Washi (Japanese Traditional Paper). So the doll seems to wear clothes.

The Washi of the Kinomo part is made in Mino city in Gifu Prefecture, which is famed for its production of Japanese Traditional Paper "Mino Washi". “Mino Washi”, which is listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Mino Washi, which has about 1,300 years history, is made of 100% Japanese natural plant and manufactured in Mino city.