Shi-Moa Cup Urushi [Makie]

The jewelry-like brilliance of "Shi-Moa" Cup was realized by the invention of Special Primer which enables Urushi (Japanese lacquer) coating onto stainless cup. Urushi & Stainless combination was the hardest task for "Shi-Moa" Cup's craftsmen. However, base Urushi coating craftsmen gave solution for it based on experiences as its specialists through continues trial & error together with stainless craftsmen.  

Masterworks Fusion

“Shi-Moa” Cup is made by a collabo of three Japanese local masterworks;

  1. Stainless Steel Works (Tsubame City)
  2. Yamanaka Urushi coating (Kaga City) 
  3. Kanazawa Makie decorating (Kanazawa City)

1. Stainless Steel Works in Tsubame City

Tsubame city is famous for metal table ware of quality accounting for 90% of domestic production. Skilled craftsmen with decades experiences form and polish high quality stainless cup one by one heartily, taking 6 weeks to finish initial process of Shi-Moa cup. And this polishing technique is absolutely essential for next processing, Urushi-coating.

2. Yamanaka Urushi-Coating in Kaga City

The second process, Special Primer & Jet Black Urushi coating onto stainless cup, is conducted in workshops located in Yamanaka area (Kaga City) where the largest amount of Urushi lacquerware is produced. This process is done manually by certified Traditional Craftsmen. Urushi coating is done in multi-layer, taking 4 weeks to realize smooth surface and the best luster of Urushi.

About Urushi & Yamanaka -Nuri


3. Kanawaza Makie Decorating in Kanazawa City

Finally, the Jet- Black-Urushi-coated cup converts into “Shi-Moa” Cup in Kanazawa City where 99% of Japanese gold leaf is produced. Kanazawa Makie, a traditional lacquer ware decoration work is applied. Attaching 1/10,000 mm- thick genuine gold leaf and coating red colored Urushi liquid, Traditional Craftsmen give the last finish of “Shi-Moa” Cup depicting Mt. Fuji and Cranes.

About Kanazawa Makie