Shi-Moa Copper Cup Gold Leaf

Master Craftsmanship's Fusion

Shi-Moa Copper Cup Gold Leaf is produced from the combination of two Japanese local master craftsmanship, Tsubame's Copper Possessing working & Kanazawa's Fine Gold Leaf technique. 

Rich Beer Froth  

Pouring beer in the Cup, you can appreciate soft and rich froth on beer. This can be realized because the inner of the Cup is polished in spiral form.


Genuine Gold Brilliance

The surface of the Cup is coated by 24k Pure Gold leaf. The material is beaten until it gets thickness of 1/10000 mm. The Kanazawa's gold Leaf technique has its history for 5 centuries.

haku dou ka gold plate on copper sup



- Copper(Cup)

- 24K Gold Leaf (Outer Surface Coating)

 *Food Sanitation Act approved product


Notes :

- Do not wash the Cup in Dishwashing machine.
- Handle with care not to receive damages, scratches or dents. 
- After using the Cup wash it softly by hands and dry it with soft cloth, and store it away from direct sunlight.
- Do not soak wash because the surface coating can be deteriorated or peeled off.
- Do not heat the Cup in microwave, oven or on an open fire.