[Maki-e Watch] Japanese Lacquer Art Watch

What is Maki-e

Maki-e (literally: sprinkled picture) is one of Japanese Traditional Artworks which is coated with Urushi (Japanese Lacquer)  and sprinkled with gold or silver powder and mother-of-pearl as decoration using a tube or a brush.
The technique was developed mainly in the Heian period (794–1185) and blossomed in the Edo period (1603–1868). Maki-e artworks were initially designed as household items for court nobles; they soon gained more popularity and were adopted by royal families and military leaders as a symbol of power. 
The Maki-e Watch applies the this Maki-e technique for the watch dial part as decoration.   



Hand Made in Japan



Nowadays, the Crafts people of Maki-e have to be qualified by Minister of  Economy, Trade & Industry. They have to be trained at least for 12 years of practice to be qualified.
In the workshop of Maki-e Watch, San-you,  there are two so qualified artisans specialized in the processes of the Watch dail production.  Mr. Yamada coats the Dial with Urushi (Japanese Lacquer), and Mr. Tsukada draws and sparle the decoration materials. 
When producing Maki-e Watch's dial part, it requires multiple processes as follows;

1. Primer treatment onto the Dial
2. Polishing the Dial with sandpaper
3. Intermediate coating with lacquer onto the Dial to make the dial surface flat
4. Again polishing the dial surface with fine sandpaper
5. One by one painting of Japanese lacquer by Skilled artisans
6. Checking if dust adhere to the dial surface
7. Putting the work in a special dry room for Japanese lacquer and drying the work controlling the humidity





Integrated Production

All of process Maki-e Watch production is done in the same manufacturer from lacquering, painting up to assembly of the Watch. So you can request repair for initial failure. (see also Special Warranty Term for Maki-e Watch) .


Top Brand Quality Movement

One of the Japanese top Watch brand Citizen's Movement is applied to the Maki-e Watch. So this can provide you maximum security of the quality of the Watch as a machine.