[Rice Soap] "come savon" - Japanese Wild Rice Bran Soap-

Soap made from Japanese Wild Rice

Come Savon

The product's name consists of 2 words. "come" means rice in Japanese and "savon" soap in French, that is, a soap made from rice. 

Traditionally in Japan rice bran was used for not only edible object but also cleaning materials.

The inventor of "come savon" is a former lady, who has been seeking a kind of soap which is gentle on baby's skin, adopted her own farm's rice grown organically without any use of pesticides. 



Chemical free


"come savon" contains no harmful chemical materials such as aroma chemical, artificial colorants,mineral oil, synthetic antioxidant, or surfactant. The rice field for "Come Savon" is so harmless that many wild-lives can live there.

Antioxidant effect

red rice 

In comparison with other similar products, "come savon" contains much quantity of Polifenol, which is expected to bring antioxidant effect on you skin.


Thick and Creamy Foam

froth up foam

When you froth up "come savon", the foam gets larger than a baseball as you can see on the photo above. The foam is expected to clean your skin tightly.

This Rice Soap is ideal not only for its gentleness but also its cleansing quality. Moreover, the foam can clean your face holding water.


See below how to froth up


* The effect varies among individuals.

*Do not use this product if you have an allergy to rice.

 * Please stop using this product immediately and consult with a doctor in case the product does not agree with your skin.

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