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Shi-Moa Cup Urushi Makie 250ml Whisky Beer Stainless Steel Double Walled ASAHI

Shi-Moa Cup Urushi Makie 250ml Whisky Beer Stainless Steel Double Walled ASAHI

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Keep Chilly & No Sweating

Everyone has an experience feeling discomfort with wet surface of glass and disappointed with losing chillness after leaving the glass for a while. But "Shi-Moa" Cup will solve these problems with superior technology, "Double-Wall structure" which provides cold insulation and dew condensation prevention. So you can appreciate your beer keeping it nicely chilled until you have drunk it.

Rich Froth Head

Ideal for Beer


These are a lot of cups which advertise foamy beer, but "Shi-Moa" Cup gives you silky froth by special processing inside the cup. "Shi-Moa" Cup can make your daily beer richer.




Double-Wall Insulation

-Country of origin-



250 ml (6.76 oz)


200 g (7.76 oz) 


dia. 70 mm x height 125 mm

(dia. 2.75 in x height 4.92 in) 


Washi Paper Coaster 10pc. 

Wooden Kiri (paulownia) Box

dimensions: 115 x 148 x 108 mm (4.52 x 5.82 x 4.25 in)



  • Cup : 18-8 Stainless Steel (SUS304) 
  • Coating : Natural Urushi liquid, Pure Gold Leaf (24K)
  • Special Primer*
  •  *Food Sanitation Act approved product



    • DO NOT  wash the cup using Dishwashing machine.
    • DO NOT wash the Cup with hard materials such as steel wool, scrubbing brush, etc.  
    • DO NOT soak wash the Cup because the surface coating can be deteriorated or peeled off.
    • DO NOT  heat the Cup in microwave, oven or on an open flame.


    • Wash the Cup softly by hands using sponge etc.
    • Handle the Cup with care not to receive damages scratches or dents. 
    • Dry the Cup with soft cloth.
    • Store the cup away from direct sunlight. 
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