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Shi-Moa Gold Leaf Beer Cup Stainless Steel Double Walled URUSHI Japanese Lacquer 350 ml Pilsner

Shi-Moa Gold Leaf Beer Cup Stainless Steel Double Walled URUSHI Japanese Lacquer 350 ml Pilsner

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Gold leaf  & Stainless steel

Genuine gold leaf shines on stainless steel cups

Outstanding technique is unique to Shi-Moa Cup 

A vessel that improves flavor of beer 

Keeps beer at appropriate temperatures for a long time

Specially designed to create finer foam for popular Japanese beer 

Decorate cupboards with traditional beauty

Glossy gold body finish realized by Japanese traditional technique



Outer Finish : Gold Leaf (Genuine 24K)

Cup : Stainless Steel (18-8)

Cup : dia. 71 mm x H 150 mm



Country of origin

*Washi Paper Coaster 10pc. contained
*Packaged in Kiri paulownia box (168 x 86 x 90 mm)
*Food Sanitation Act approved product


Behind the item

10-week process

It takes more than 10 weeks to produce one piece of  Shi-moa Cup via a plurality of processes of traditional craftsworks. 

Cup = 6 weeks

Skilled craftsworks with decades' experiences form and polish high quality stainless cup one by one heartily, taking 6 weeks to finish initial process of Shi-Moa cup. They repeatedly polish a plate of stainless steel until it is shaped as a cup. 

Gold Coating = 4 weeks

To coat the Cup with gold leaf, it requires various times of Urushi Japanese lacquer polishing process. The craftsworkers coat and polish thin Urushi layers controlling the temperature of the workshop with the utmost care.



- Do not wash the Cup in Dishwashing machine.
- Handle and store the Cup with care not to receive damages such as scratches or dents. 
- After using the Cup, wash it softly by hands and dry it with soft cloth, and store it away from direct sunlight.
- Do not soak wash because the outer coating can be deteriorated or peeled off.
- Do not heat the Cup in microwave, oven or on an open fire.

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