[coming soon] ovject Bottle in Bottle Enamel Inner and Stainless Steel Multipurpose

  • ¥7,400

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Bottle ideal for any drink

3 Way bottle use

1. Enamel Bottle in Stainless Bottle

You can take acid beverage like orange juice, isotonic drink etc. in the enamel bottle, and it can be stored in the outer stainless steel bottle keeping the coolness of the liquid.

2. Enamel Bottle for storage

If you use the enamel bottle alone, it can contain hot foods like soup, stew etc. 

3. Stainless Bottle

It can be used as a stainless steel bottle too.



Enamel Bottle : 320 ml

Bottle in Bottle : 380ml

Stainless Steel Bottle : 440ml


Top dia. 7.5 cm x Bottom 6.2 cm × Height 21.3 cm


Stainless steel, silicone, ABS, enamel, copper plate for enamel

Color Options








Handling Warning

-DO NOT  wash the bottle using in dishwashing machine. Wash the bottle softly by hands using sponge etc.
-DO NOT wash the bottle with hard materials such as steel wool, scrubbing brush, etc.  

-DO NOT  heat the bottle in microwave, oven or on an open flame.

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