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Makie Japanese Lacquer Art Painting Coating Watch Hokusai Great Wave off Kanagawa Fine Wind Clear Morning

Makie Japanese Lacquer Art Painting Coating Watch Hokusai Great Wave off Kanagawa Fine Wind Clear Morning

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30 Days Handling Time 

This watch is an order production item. It will take at least 30 days to ship out it. So please take into consideration such handling time when placing the order. 

Drawing Patterns

Both watch dial patterns are works by Katushika Hokusai, one of the Japanese greatest woodblock print artist, and their motif is Mount Fuji

The users of the watch can appreciate the beauty of fine work of skillful artisans in tiny space of the watch dial.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa 

Fine Wind, Clear Morning


Belt Color Option

You can change the belt color, Black or Brown, free of charge when ordering this product. 
 belt brown belt black


Case : Stainless Steel
Case Cover : Stainless Steel
Glass : Crystal Glass
Movement : Quartz
Life Waterproof : 3ATM
Case diameter : 42.5mm
Thickness of case : 11.3mm
Width of belt : 22mm
Weight : 54.5g
Maximum wrist size : up to 215mm
Accessory : Special box


Within 5 working days after confirming payment by the User,  we shall ship the goods and provide you with Tracking number of DHL or UPS.

*Shipping method shall be determined by the Company's judgement between the 2 Courier Carriers so that the item is surely delivered to the User's location.

*Shipping duration may take longer and the traceability of the item may vary depending on the User's local postage situation.

The User of the Watch can request repair and adjustment free of charge only in case the Goods ceases to work properly due to spontaneous breakdown of internal parts other than due to wear and tear within one year after delivery to the User of the Watch.

*Please refer Warranty Terms for Maki-e Watch for details.

The item will be insured by AIG against all risks until delivery to the User's location.

What is Maki-e?

Maki-e (literally: sprinkled picture in Japanese) is one of Japanese Traditional Artworks which is coated with Urushi (Japanese Lacquer) and sprinkled with gold and/or silver powder and mother-of-pearl as decoration using a tube or a brush.
The technique was developed mainly in the Heian period (794–1185) and blossomed in the Edo period (1603–1868). 
Maki-e artworks were initially designed as household items for court nobles; they soon gained more popularity and were adopted by Japanese Royal Families and Samurai military leaders as a symbol of power
The Maki-e Watch applies such Maki-e art crafts technique for the watch dial part as decoration.



Hand Made in Japan

4-week work

craftsman mr. yamada san-you

craftsman mr. tsukada san-you

Nowadays, the crafts people of Maki-e have to be qualified by Minister of  Economy, Trade & Industry of Government of Japan.

They have to be trained at least for 12 years of practice to be qualified.

In the workshop of Maki-e Watch  "San-you", two so qualified artisans take part in the processes of the Hokusai series Maki-e Watch's dial production. 
Mr. Yamada coats the Dial with Urushi (Japanese Lacquer),
and Mr. Tsukada draws and sparkle the decoration materials taking about 4 weeks
Production of Maki-e Watch's dial process consists in multiple tasks as follows ;

1. Primer treatment onto the Dial
2. Polishing the Dial with sandpaper
3. Intermediate coating with lacquer onto the Dial to make its surface flat
4. Again polishing the dial surface with fine sandpaper
5. One by one painting of lacquer by artisans
6. Checking if dust adhere to the dial surface
7. Putting the Dial in a special dry room for Japanese lacquer and drying it controlling the humidity





Integrated Production

All of process Maki-e Watch production is done in the same manufacturer from lacquering, painting up to assembly of the Watch. So you can request repair for initial failure. (see also Special Warranty Term for Maki-e Watch) .


Top Brand Quality Movement

One of the Japanese top Watch brand Citizen's Movement is applied to the Maki-e Watch. So this can provide you maximum security of the quality of the Watch as a machine.

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