KUMANO Brush Makeup Powder Cheek Eye Shadow Brow Liner Lip Comb Screw 8 Type Set

  • ¥15,600

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KUMANO FUDE Makeup Brushes set

- Makeup brushes produced by craftspeople certified by Japan Government

- Pleasant feel onto your face when using the brushes 

- Carefully selected animal hairs for brushes in accordance with uses

- Favored by many Hollywood Actors & Makeup Artists


(1) Powder Brush (goat hair)

(2) Cheek Brush (goat hair)

(3) Eye Shadow Brush (pony's hair) 

(4) Eye Brow Brush (pony's hair)

(5) Comb Brush (horse hair)

(6) Lip Brush (Weasel hair)

(7) EyeLiner Brush (Weasel hair)

(8) Screw Brush (poly-ether)


Tip : Aluminum

Grip : Wood

How to Clean Brushes

- Softly remove stains from the brushes with tissue paper etc.


When Washing

- Soak the brushed in water.

- Stroke softly the brushes on the surface of a bar soap.

- Remove stains from the brushes grabbing them softly.

- Verify if stains do not remains inside of the brushes.

- After washing the brushes with water, dry these with towel. Then adjust the shape of brushes, and dry these out of direct sunlight.





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