[Ice Cream July] Stainless Steel Cup Double-Walled Copper Spoon Thermal Conduction

  • ¥5,800

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Cold Keeper Cup + Thermal Conduction Spoon

Ice Cream Friendly Ware Collaboration 

ice cream july stainless steel cup double walled spoon copper


Cold Keeping Ice Cream Cup

The double-walled cup keeps your ice cream nicely cold until you eat it out without getting your hand cold or wet with dew condensation. 


Easy Scooping & Excellent Melting-Feeling

The spoon can scoop easily frozen solid ice cream and leave you an excellent melting-feeling when you eat ice cream because the spoon melts your ice cream in an ideal temperature applying thermal conduction from your own hand.




Capacity : 250 ml (8.45 oz)
φ70 x H85 mm (φ2.75 x 3.34 inch)
Weight: 145 g (5.11 oz)
Material: Stainless Steel 18-8


Length : 149 mm (5.86 inch)
Weight: 35 g (1.23 oz)
Material: Copper , Gold-Copper Plating

Country of Origin : Japan