HINOKI Wood Sake Bottle & Cup Set TOKKURI GUINOMI [Yamaco]

  • ¥3,900

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 Important Notice 

We would like you to purchase the item understanding that it takes at least 3 month until the item is dispatched from Japan because it is made-to-order only item and manufactured totally by hand.



Beauty of wood

This item is a Japanese Sake Bottle and Cup set made of HINOKI wood (Japanese Cypress). You can appreciate a rich scent and beautiful texture of natural HINOKI when you drink sake using this item.


One-by-One Quality

It is crafted manually one by one by only one skillful artisan. He devotes the 3 months for your satisfaction carving the wood. 



Sake Bottle : Top dia. 6.5cm x H 14cm (dia. 2.5" x H 5.5")

Cups : Top dia. 4.3cm x H 5.6cm (dia. 1.6" x H 2.1")


Body : Hinoki Wood (Japanese Cypress)

Coating : Urethane Resin


  • DO NOT  wash the item using Dishwashing machine.
  • DO NOT wash the item with hard materials such as steel wool, scrubbing brush, etc.  
  • DO NOT soak wash the item because the surface coating can be deteriorated or peeled off.
  • DO NOT  heat the item in microwave, oven or on an open flame.


  • Wash the item softly by hands using sponge etc.
  • Handle the item with care not to receive damages scratches or dents. 
  • Dry the item with soft cloth.
  • Store the item away from direct sunlight. 


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