[Inquiry]TOSOKI Sake Server & Cup Set Urushi Coating Pine Pattern


-An Urushi (Japanese Lacquer) ware used to serve Japanese Sake celebrating New Year in Japan.
-Made manually one by one by skillful artisans of Yamanaka* Urushi Ware, which is designated as one of Japanese Traditional Crafts stipulated by Japan Government.

*Yamanaka is the largest Urushi ware producing area in Japan, located in Kaga city of Ishikawa Prefecture which has its urushi production History since late 16th.


Plate : 330mm x 172mm x 25mm (12.9" x 6.7" x 0.9")
Cup (small) : dia. 78mm (3")
Cup (medium) : dia. 90mm (3.5")
Cup (large) : dia. 105mm (4.1")

[Net Weight]
410g (14.4oz)

Body : ABS Resin
Coating : Urethane



    • Wash the item softly by hands using sponge etc.
    • Handle the item with care not to receive damages scratches or dents. 
    • Dry the item with soft cloth.
    • Store the item away from direct sunlight. 


    • DO NOT  wash the item using Dishwashing machine.
    • DO NOT wash the item with hard materials such as steel wool, scrubbing brush, etc.  
    • DO NOT soak wash the item because the surface coating can be deteriorated or peeled off.
    • DO NOT  heat the item in microwave, oven or on an open flame.


      (1)MJ44G-75-02 (2)MJ44G-73-11 (3)MJ44G-74-07
      (4)MJ44G-75-06 (5)MJ44G-75-10 (6)MJ44G-75-02


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