Shi-moa Cup Urushi & Stainless Steel Tall 380ml [RED FUJI & CRANE]

  • ¥12,900

1.Masterwork Fusion

"Shi-Moa" cup which takes 10 weeks to finish is a perfect combination of three Japanese masterworks. 
a) Surface polishing on stainless steel (6 weeks)
b) Japanese lacquering (3 weeks)
c) Gold leafing (1 week)


a) Stainless Steel Polishing

Stainless steel processing of "Shi-Moa" Cup is done heartily one by one taking 6 weeks. Thus, the surface of "Shi-Moa" Cup is extremely smooth and collaboration with Japanese traditional methods of craftwork can be  developed by this highly skilled work.


b) Japanese Lacquering

Lacquering is applied in Yamanaka, which is one of the most popular Japanese place as Japanese Lacquer production area for more than 500 years. With a unique method of lacquering, jet-black color which is characteristic color of lacquering was achieved.

Lacquering process of  "Shi-Moa" cup can be done during a limited time in winter. Repeating this porcess by 4 times makes it possible to get extremely smooth surface for final process, gold leafing. 


c)Gold Leafing
gold leafing

The final process, gold leafing, is applied in Kanazawa city where has more than 500 years history in gold leafing. This sheet of gold whose thickness is 0.1 to 0.125 millionths of a meter is layered on  "Shi-Moa" cup with utmost care.


2. Good Fortune Item

The pattern design of "Shi-Moa" cup is composed of two Japanese symbols of good fortune, Red Mount Fuji and Cranes. "Shi-Moa" cup will bring you great fortune. 

Due to varios weather circumstances, Mt. Fuji turns red with the early-morning light during late summer. This phenomenon can be seen once in every few years. So it is believed that it will bring a person who was able to see Red Mt. Fuji good luck. 

Traditionally in Japan, crane is the symbol of longevity and good luck because it was thought to have a life span of a thousand years. Japanese Cranes are also monogamous, therefore, often used for wedding decor.  




-Country of origin-







dia. 70mm x H 125mm


Washi Paper Coaster 10pc. 

Kiri Wood paulownia Box 

    * When shipping this item Kiri Wood Box can be substituted for other kind of box. 


    • Cup : Stainless Steel (18-8)
    • Coating : Japanese Lacquer & Gold Leaf (24K)

     *Food Sanitation Act approved product



    • Do not use Dishwashing machine when washing the Cup.
    • Handle with care not to receive damaged scratches or dents. 
    • After using the Cup wash it softly by hands and dry it with soft cloth, and store it away from direct sunlight. DO NOT wash the Cup with hard materials such as steel wool, scrubbing brush, etc.  
    • Do not soak wash because the surface coating can be deteriorated or peeled off.
    • Do not heat the Cup in microwave, oven or on an open flame.
    • Do not heat the Cup in microwave, oven or on an open fire.

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