Letter Opener SAMURAI KATANA SWORD Knife Desk Decor item Oda Nobunaga Akechi Mitsuhide Pair Set

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Important Notes:

-The duration of the sale is June 14th(Mon) to 22nd(Tue), 2021.

-The shipment of the items will be later than June 24th(Thu), 2021.

-The sale may end without prior notice because the quantity of items is limited.


Honnō-ji Incident special sale 

The item is offered for special price in relation to ”Honno-ji Incidents” on June 21st. 


Special Price 

JPY6,200-> JPY4,900

Miniature Sword of Japanese Samurai & Letter Opener with quality


-Real Sword-

Katana Letter Opener was produced with motif of really existed Japanese Samurai Hero's Sword. 
The features, such as family crest on sheath, color of strap, shape of handguard etc., are reproduced based on historical materials.

Oda Nobunaga

a powerful feudal lord who attempted to unify Japan in 16th Century. 

Akechi Mitsuhide

a Japanese samurai general of the Sengoku period best known as the assassin of Oda Nobunaga in 16th Century. 



Cutting Quality

Sharp Blade

When you open envelopes, you will realize the sharpness of the Letter Opener, because the craftsmen of this knife sharpen the blade manually one by one.


Unlike the other kinds of knife such as utility knife, you have fewer risk to get a cut when you use this product because the blade is sharpened for letter opening use only. Moreover, you can hold the item with Stand Holder in safe condition if you want to put it on your desk.

 Detailed design of sword-simulated blade



Using Stand Holder, you can put the product on your desk.



- Letter Opener Oda Nobunaga & Akechi Mitsuhide Model pair set
- Stand Holders


- Full length : 8" (210mm) 
- Blade thickness : 0.07" (1.8mm) 
- Blade width : 0.9" (23mm) 
- Net weight : 1.23oz (35g)


- This product is intended to be used for opening envelopes only. Use for any other purpose may result in injury.
- The product’s blade is sharp. Use caution when handling in order to avoid injury.
- Store the product in its case when not in use.
- Keep this product out of the reach of children and infants.

Handling Instructions

- To retain the sharpness of the blade, do not use this product to cut any objects.
- Keep the product away from fire and other sources of heat to prevent deformation.
- If the product gets wet, dry it with a dry cloth to prevent rust.
- Store the product in its case when not in use.


Advisory Notifications

- This product is intended to be used for opening envelopes only. We do not assume any responsibility for any injury, damage to property, or any other loss arising from the improper use of the product, or its use for an unintended purpose.
- This product cannot be taken on board an aircraft.
- Carrying this product in public may be a criminal offence in your jurisdiction. Seek confirmation from your local law enforcement authority.

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