Urushi Trivias

Urushi, loved by European Upper Class

In the Age of Exploration, missionaries and merchants from Spain and Portugal visited Japan and realized attractiveness of Urushi. They ordered many Urushi lacquer objects and took them back to their home countries. Then Urushi articles became popular among Europeans upper class. Ruler of the Habsburg Dominions Maria Theresa, one of the Urushi collectors, was so fascinated by Urushi that she decorated interior of one of the rooms in Schonbrunn Palace with many Urushi lacquered panels.

Mt Fuji & Cranes = Good Fortune Symbol

The pattern design of "Shi-Moa" cup is composed of two Japanese symbols of good fortune, Red Mount Fuji and Cranes. "Shi-Moa" cup will bring you great fortune.
Due to various weather circumstances, Mt. Fuji turns red with the early-morning light during late summer. This phenomenon can be seen once in every few years. So it is believed that it will bring a person who was able to see Red Mt. Fuji good luck.

Crane, traditionally in Japan, is the symbol of longevity and good luck because it was thought to have a life span of a thousand years. Japanese Cranes are also monogamous, therefore, often used for wedding decor.