[Inquiry] SWAN Cygne KAKIGORI Japanese Shaved Ice Maker Electric Machine Block Ice Snow Cone Hawaiian 115V / 220V

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-Stylish black color design. New model, lightweight aluminum frames and easy

-Powerful ice shaving capacity

-Fluffy shaved ice melts in your mouth

-NSF Certified product

-Preferred by Japanese cafes

-Manufactured by Japanese top ice shaver manufacturer with 80 years experience



 -Ice shaving machine

-Replacement Blade 86SWAN 1 pc. 

-English instruction manual 



Ice shaving capacity : 1.8-2.2kg/min. 210W motor power ( 1/4 horse power )

Texture adjustment : Stepless

Drive system : Belt driven type

Rated power consumption : 

220V: 175W, 115V: 178W

Power Supply :

-AC220V, 50-60Hz, Plug Type C (for E.U., Oceania, Mid. East, East Asia, Africa, etc.)

-AC115V, 60Hz, Plug Type A  (for U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, etc.)

Dimensions : 29.7cm × 39 cm × 70.3 cm

Disc dia. : 21.7 cm

Item Weight : 21 kg

Materials : Aluminum (body), Stainless Steel (shaving blade) 

Certification : NSF

Country of origin : Japan


We also Recommend 

It is highly replacement to purchase blade(s) together with the swan machine because the shaving quality of the blade can loose every time you prepare 500 cups of shaved ice. 

86Swan Replacement Blade for Swan Ice Shaver for recro SI-8B SI-3B SI-7 SI-100 Cygne



Caution & Warning


The machine has to be used with AC 220-240 Voltage (mainly for E.U.) and 115V (mainly for U.S.). Please check the voltage type of your residential area.
If used at different voltages, the machine will inevitably be destroyed.
Myfav Japan Shop does not assume any responsibility for damage to the machine and your belongings if it is used with a different voltage.


Power Plug

AC220-240V = Type C

AC115V,= Type A

You have to use conversion plug etc. in accordance with the type of electrical outlet in your region. Such converter will not be included in the sold item, so please prepare one separately in case necessary. Travel Adapters and Converters Needed for France - Paris ...



When changing the blades, please put on rubber/latex gloves because they are very sharp and can cause injury. So do not touch the edge of blades directly.


For Shaving Quality

-The blade cannot be sharpened on a whetstone etc.. So please exchange it for new one when the ice shaving quality has gone off. 

-Estimated replacement period = 500 cups making  depends on the usage conditions.

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