The shipment shall be effected within 5 business days after the Company confirm the order(s) from the users. The Company shall ship the goods to the User upon arrival of the goods from the manufacturer, and shall provide the User with 3 shipping options as below;


1.Small Packets

The most economical option (No Tracking & NO Insurance) 


Rate : From JPY 70.-

(Shipping Charge Table)

Delivery time*ⅰ: 5 working days at earliest

Tracking*ⅱ: Not available

Indemnity*ⅲ: Not applicable

Gross Weight : Up to 2 kg 


2.International e-Packet 

Trackable & Insured


Rate : From JPY 530.-  

(Shipping Charge Table)

Delivery time*ⅰ: 5 working days at earliest

Tracking*ⅱ: Available

Indemnity*ⅲ : up to JPY 6,000.- per 1 package

International ePacket features

(Japan Post)

Gross Weight : Up to 2 kg


3.EMS (Japan Post)

Faster option than ePackets & Small Packets


Rate : From JPY 1,400.-

(Shipping Charge Table)

Delivery time*ⅰ: 3 working days at earliest

Tracking*ⅱ: Available

Indemnity*ⅲ: Up to JPY 20,000.- per 1 package

It is possible to increase the indemnity amount by paying JPY 50 for each JPY 20,000 increase  (EMS Insurance Program)

Gross Weight : Up to 30 kg

Available Countries & Areas:

As per the List (Japan Post)


*ⅰ) Delivery time may vary depending on the delivery countries and on their areas, and may take longer than usual during peak season such as Christmas.

*ⅱ )  The Company shall send the User a Shipping Information via E-mail with the Tracking Number so that the User can track the shipment on the Website of each carrier (Not Available for Small Packets). However, the traceability of shipment depends on the carrier’s and/or general postage situation in User’s country or area. Japan Post Tracking for the transport until arrival at the post office of the destination country. Tracking for further transport depends on the destination.

*ⅲ) If loss or damages are incurred by the User after the goods are delivered to the shipping carrier, the User shall be entitled to indemnity from the carrier always subject to the indemnity terms and conditions of each carrier (Not available for Small Packets).
If the User wishes to claim the indemnity, it shall contact the Company immediately upon notice to the loss or damages. 

Email to :

Other Notes

-Import duties-

In the case import duties are imposed on the goods in the User’s country or area,
the User shall pay any such duties and receive the goods in its own responsibility.
The Company shall not be in any way responsible for the payment of any such duties and receipt of the goods.



-Delay in delivery-

The Company shall not be liable for delay in delivery of the goods. The Company will use its best practical effort to ship the goods as soon as possible.
However, the delivery time of the goods may vary depending on the distance to the destination, local carrier's and/or general postage situation etc.
Also, in the event of the delay in customs clearance in the User’s country or area, the preceding paragraph Import duties shall apply.

-Packing form-

The Company shall pack up the goods in a reasonable customary manner of the country or area of shipment for the particular goods.

-Relation to the Terms and Conditions-

This Shipment (the Shipment) sets forth the rights and obligation between the Company and the User integrally with the Terms and Conditions.
In the event of any contradiction or discrepancy between the Shipment and the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions shall prevail.