[Inquiry]HIDA KONRO Hibachi Diatomite BBQ Charcoal Grill Tabletop


Strong Heat Less Charcoal

These Diatomite-made Charcoal Grill can maintain a strong frame up to 1200 degrees C with less charcoal thanks to Far-infrared rays & heat and air intake.



-Diatomite grill generates strong heat with less charcoal consumption by using effectively the Far Infrared emitted from the charcoal.

-Traditional style Japanese BBQ restaurant grill

-Copper-made grill net can help the conductivity higher.

-Small size grill available on the table by applying wooden tray

-Appropriate tool to prepare YAKITORI Japanese chicken barbeque


Set Contents

-Charcoal Grill (Diatomite)

-Grill Net: (Chromium plated steel)

-Wood Tray (Natural wood)

*Pattern varies depending on the size of the grill and individual difference of each product.




(1) Large:32 x 22 x H15cm

(2) Mid.: 20 x 11 x H10cm

(3) Small:16 x 9 x H9.2cm



Handling Warning

-Do NOT use the grill in a closed space to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning

-Do NOT use any kind of fuel other than charcoal.

-The grill can be heated with little quantity of charcoal, so please adjust the quantity.

-Clean the grill without water after using it.



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