Current Global Shipping Situation

Last update: January 17th, 2022

Why ship by DHL/FedEx?

Currently we ship the items mainly by DHL or FedEx because trackable international mail parcel service to various countries or regions is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Also, we can offer special rate of DHL/FedEx shipping that is much lower than the regular ones.

Thus, we believe this is the best way that we can provide a solution for international shipping under the current difficult circumstances. For details, please read below.

Estimated transit time from Japan* 

 * The above table is just an example. Actual transit time to your location varies depending on the local delivery situation.


Lower DHL/FedEx cost

DHL shipping costs for your orders are lower than the regular ones because we have favorable shipping rates for cooperates.

Shipping rate for United States


*JPY100 is nearly equal to USD1.00.

*The buyers may be asked to pay JPY2600 as an extra charge if the delivery address is listed in DHL Remote Area or FedEx Our-of-deliver .


Airmail shipping request

You can also request our staff to ship your items by airmail parcel if airmail parcel destined for your location is available as per the below link;

International mail service availability chart (by Japan Post) 

In the case you request an airmail shipment, you have to understand that delivery of the items will take much longer than usual situation.

Mail to : 

Mr. Sho Horie, Myfav Japan Shop staff