About Kanazawa Makie

"Kanazawa Makie" is a technique of Japanese Traditional Crafts for Urushi ware decorating process applying varicolored Urushi painting and gold leaf (powder) etc using tube and brush. This method has the history since early 17th century in Kanazawa City. Makie works were initially designed as household items for court nobles, and these soon gained more popularity and were adopted by royal families and military leaders as a symbol of power. Nowadays "Kanazawa Makie" is designated as one of Traditional Crafts by the Minister of Japan for Economy, Trade and Industry. To be qualified as craftsman of "Kanazawa Makie", one needs to have experienced the production of the works for more than 12 years.


Gold Leaf Production

Gold leaf for "Shi-Moa" Cup in Kanazawa Citiy where 99% of Japanese gold leaf and powder is produced. The craftemen of Kanazawa Gold Leaf  beat a piece of 2 g gold solid until it has a thickness of 1/10,000 mm. Kanazawa Gold Leaf is also designated as a Traditional Crafts by government.


Kanawaza Gold Leaf applied for Kinkaku-Ji Temple


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