Glass Japan Pair Wine Classic Japanese Urushi Gold foil patterned

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What is Glass Japan?

Urushi (Japanese lacquer) ware is not appropriate for Western style dishes which folk and knife are used, and these are easy to leave damages on the surface of Japanese lacquer ware made of wood. Moreover, Urushi cannot be adhered onto glasses as coloring material. So this material was difficult to decorate glasses. 

GLASS JAPAN changed an image of the conventional lacquer ware by fusing rich expression of URUSHI into the transparency of the glass enabling to coat Urushi onto glasses with Special Primer developed by the Workshop of Glass Japan.

As the Japanese Lacquer layer is coated by glass, the color and pattern part can be maintained intact. So the glass is available in wish-wash machine.*



Glitter Black & Gold

As the footplate of Glass Japan is decorated in natural Urushi and genuine Gold Foil, it shines gorgeously. 

Extracting Urushi liquid from natural wood


Manually painting one by one 



24k Genuine Gold & Silver Foil is applied 



Dimensions : dia. 77 mm × H 222 ㎜



  1. Glass Japan is washable in washing machine, but the coating part can be deteriorated due to friction and passage of years. 
  2. The color may change due to passage of the time during the use because Urushi is a natural vegetable painting material.
  3. The surface of the glass can get uneven when forming. 
  4. There will be differences in the pattern and color of the Glass between the product image and the actual item you will receive because all processes of production is done manually. 
*Neither workshop nor Myfav Japan Shop are liable for such conditions.