tetu Japanese Cast Iron Kettle TETSUBIN NAMBU Modern Design Induction Compatible

  • ¥32,000

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- 100-years durable kettle made by iron casting method, a Japanese traditional way.

- Your cup of coffee will be much richer thanks to iron-abundant water boiled by this cast-iron made kettle.

- NANBU TETKKI (TETSUBIN) cast iron Kettle innovated by a industrial designer Makoto Koizumi

-  Wide mouth is useful to dry inside of the kettle quickly.

- Induction cooking heater & open flame compatible




Dimensions :

Diameter=20.3 cm, Width=16.5 cm, Height=15 cm 

Weight : 2.0 kg

Capacity : 1L

Material : Cast Iron

Country of origin : Japan


Accessory : tea strainer 


Diameter=12 cm, Height=13.5 cm 

Capacity : 0.4L

Material : Cast Iron, enamel (inside)

Country of origin :



- Only Kettle can be used to boil water. DO NOT heat the teapot.

- DO not heat the item in microwave oven.

- DO not wash the item in dish-washing machine.

- Remove water inside of the  Kettle and heat it without water until it is dried after using it.

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