[GOLD SKIN CARE] Gold Soap & Leaf for facial Beauty

1/10,000 mm Technique 

The gold leaf is one of the few kinds of Materials applied to the Traditional Handcrafts
designated by Japanese government. Skill full craft people foil the gold leaf 
until it is equal to 1/10,000 ~ 3/10,000 mm in thickness. 

This material has been used for Japanese Important Cultural Properties
in order to bring special brilliance to the objects for many centuries.  


For beauty 


While the gold leaf is used as an artistic material, it is also applied as a cosmetic way.
The Egyptian queen Cleopatra was rumored to use gold facial mask for aesthetic purpose.
According to some hypothesis, the gold leaf could have beneficial influence on the skin because the ions generated from gold particles could improve the circulation, then promote the metabolic and hormone secretion inside of the skin.

* The effect varies among individuals.

* Please stop using this product immediately and consult with a doctor in case the product does not agree with your skin.